Can Blood Pressure Signal Your ‘Life-Death’ Ratio?

April 2022

   Almost everyone knows their blood pressure but few know that blood pressure above 115/75 may signal a dangerous imbalance in the sodium-potassium (Na/k) ratio. This balance is so important some doctors call it the “life-death” ratio. Here why. Our bodies have about 43 trillion cells (someone actually calculated this). Each cell works like a very tiny “wet cell battery.” If you understand the need for water in your car battery you will understand the importance of keeping all 43 trillion cells hydrated! 

   Hydration is where the Na/k ratio comes in. 

   Potassium is primarily inside of cells, sodium outside. Both sodium and potassium attract and hold water. On the inside, potassium says “water come here.” On the outside,  sodium says “water come here.”  Some movement occurs across cell membranes by osmosis, but the ratio of sodium to potassium is so important, each of our 43 trillion cells has PUMPs to move potassium in, sodium out. This pump is an enzyme system that works at cell membrane level —  adenosine triphosphatase or ATPase for short. 

   Now you may be thinking that you will fix your hypertension by eating more high potassium fruits and vegetables and that should help. However, there is another key link in the system. APTase needs magnesium to work. Most ...

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