Evil: The New 'Normal'

April 2022
Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

  One thing that has become very apparent in these evil times that we live, is how blatantly open evil has been shown in peoples’ lives. People aren’t afraid to have it in the open now. They feel they have won so they expose what is in their hearts. 

   Each person has a God-shaped hole in them that most will try to fill with everything but God.  Ecclesiastes 3:9-12. It is very clear that every non-Christian has a varied level of mental illness. Of course, these same people would say that we Christians are the mentally ill and need to be suppressed. Paul said in Romans 1:18-25 that we are all without excuse.

   So next time you think about people and all their troubles, that for many are self inflicted, and you try to help them out, remember the further they are engulfed in evil, the less they can see how simple it really is and how all this despair is really unnecessary. 

   A good example is a drunk who is depressed because he can’t pay his bills, so rather than paying the bills, he goes and spends his money on more drink to numb the hurt. Now he is worse off because he could have used that money to help alleviate the problem. Very circular.

   Keep praying brothers and sisters and with God’s help we will be able to get through to some of them.

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