A Biological Absurdity

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:
May 2022

   Purportedly, Abraham Lincoln once asked some staffers how many legs a dog has — if you call the tail a leg?  To the answer “five,” Lincoln responded that calling the tail a leg doesn’t make it so.

   The same principle applies to all biological questions. For example, insisting that roosters are hens wouldn’t make them hens. The proof is in the results. You could proudly fill your  layer cages with roosters and call them “hens” — but be prepared to settle for bacon without the eggs for breakfast.

   On further thought, if you introduce biological confusion to the pig pen,  pork production will also suffer. Prepare to cut back on bacon, please. 

   It gets far more serious than that. Why are we wise in these facts in egg and pork production, but not in the plight of the young generation? Calling moral evil “good,” does not make it so.  We have already decimated marriages and families with over 18 million children across America without the anchor and the security of having any  father figure in the home. No wonder they grow up  insecure and confused, not knowing who they are, and where to belong. Without the blessed  boundaries of right from wrong, they are readily swayed by predators, ready to ruin them forever ...

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