The Sons of the Gods of War

May  2022

   In this article we will investigate the writing of Dr. Jamal Omer, the Muslim author of the book, The Road to Hypocrisy for the Coptic Orthodox.”  On pages 33-36, he wrote: “I met with some friend, so I asked him, ‘Have you read the book of the wars of god?’  He answered me, ‘Does god have a book of war?’ I said to him, ‘You read the book first and then come and share with me your opinion.’” Dr. Omer then wrote that his friend hurried to the library with happiness and joy, thinking that this book would talk about Islam and Muslims. However, he was disappointed when he came back from the library with empty hands, as he said, “I did not find the book.”  Dr. Omer said, “You will not find it except in your Holy Bible.”

   Dr. Omer continued: “Believe me. I do not know a reason why Christians hate Islam and Muslims. Those people do not desire to read their holy book with the spirit far away from prejudice that they may see in their book all the incompleteness, alterations, and contradictions. Sadly, they only shed light on some passages which they like and leave other verses out, hoping people will forget about them. They only want people to read specific passages. As for the rest of their holy book, they do not want anyone to discuss it or hear about it.” 

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