Let’s Reclaim the Rainbow for God!

Complimentary Story
Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

May 2022

   It was a beautiful sight then, as a child, seeing a rainbow after a scary storm, Oh thank God! Our home was still intact. It’s a scary sight now, perversions of that symbol fly as flags, and people see them as a symbol of pride?  There is nothing to be “proud” of in a “rainbow flag.”

   But the rainbow is a beautiful part of the story in Genesis.  Even though the people of the world were so evil, GOD saved a remnant to repopulate the earth. The “bow” in the sky would be a symbol of HIS continuous grace. No matter how sinful men became, the rainbow would be a symbol of HIS mercy, never again would there be such a flood. 

   The sign in heaven is still wonderous to me, but the perverted flag is a horror. Oh, the colors are there, but curiously “straight,” not beautifully arched as GOD’s heavenly design. 

   I’m no artist, but I pray, someone may design me a flag to fly — a flag depicting that beautiful rainbow, not the perversion flag.  A flag of hope, reminding us of GOD’s great love for even sinful man, not one for taking pride in lustful sins. 

   Perhaps, a flag with a great rainbow arching across from clouds in each lower corner, with the Ark at rest upon the mount beneath. In the upper right corner a cross shining as the sun, reminding us of HIS coming glorious return; “And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also at the time of the return of The SON of man.” (Luke 17:26).

   Also, I pray that every true believer will boycott all businesses, agencies, etc. which display the “shame” flag, especially during “shame” month. No pride should be taken of what GOD clearly defines in the Bible as sin. 

   Call me a “hater,” even slap my cheek out of your hate. My LORD instructed me to “turn the other cheek.”  HE did not say to just accept sin and celebrate the “pride” of rebellion and perversion of His natural design.

   Repent of your sins, do not boast of them, that rainbow in the heavens is a symbol of HIS enduring mercy. Even more so, that cross upon which HE suffered and died for you. HalleluYaH, Amen.

-William Behringer, Winneconne, Wis.

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