The Cause of America's Downfall

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Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

May 2022

   The USA is circling the drain and on its last legs.  A nation so brain dead/dumbed down that its unable to distinguish between male/female or defend its borders is unfit to exist on planet Earth. “Pride goes before destruction” applies to US and why God has not lowered the boom on US is beyond me. The wicked shall be turned in to hell like the nations that forget God as America has. 

   We, the people, are so arrogant, corrupt, depraved and full of ourselves to believe we should bully and dominate the world to dance to Uncle Sam’s tune with our incessant meddling in the internal affairs of other sovereign countries while we drown in debt and are saturated in the blood of countless millions of innocents both abroad and at home via abortion and endless unjust wars.

   We are a land of lemmings (example the COVID-masked morons) if ever there was one that the founding fathers would have nothing but scorn and derision for as do I now too.  America merits being brought to its knees by divine judgement which is long overdue.

   I cannot fathom how any of US can look ourselves in mirror or hold our head up high anymore. God is not mocked and what a nation sows it will reap Those who say it will never happen here and cannot see the handwriting on the wall are delusional or in denial. Great will be our downfall, as depicted in Revelation 18 for America Babylon.

   Our country is committing national suicide and will get what we deserve. And we are letting it happen, shamefully, by tolerating spiritual wickedness in high places.

   When America inevitably crashes and burns do not come crying to me as I have warned US of our road to ruin for far too long to no avail. We the sheeple made this bed and have brought it upon ourselves.

   The founding fathers would NEVER stand for the present state of our union as we the sheeple do now which leads me to regret my association with humanity. I leave you with this to ponder...

   “The best lack all (courage of) conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity. Have not we had our fill of this downward spiral and inherent seed of rot? While one may question the mental health and sanity of the perpetrators, must we also not question that of the host society for permitting all of this to happen and  lack the will to reclaim the liberty?” -Susan Huck,  author of Why Do We Americans Submit to This? (written in 1997). 

   The answer is because the USA is full of compromising cowards, hypocrites and unprincipled sheeple who are lovers of pleasure, not God. What does God require of US? To do JUSTICE love mercy and walk humbly before Him. America has disregarded the justice element of that verse by our refusal to hold our public servants accountable for their actions and abuse of power. It is to our discredit & downfall.

- “Tom,” from Florida

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