Can Blood Pressure Signal Your ‘Life-Death’ Ratio? (Part 2)

May 2022

   In the last issue, we saw the effects three elements have on blood pressure:  sodium, potassium, magnesium. We saw that these three elements control the fluid balance between inside and outside of cells and the critical issue of cellular hydration. Drinking more water lowers sodium, and for most people, that is a good thing. But drink all the water you want — if the “life death ratio” of sodium with potassium is out of balance, your 35 trillion cells can still be dying of thirst. 

   The consequences may be deadly in middle or old age. Without body fluid balance and blood pressure under control you may be a victim of the “silent killer.” Cause of death may be listed as cancer or heart attack, while stress, related to cellular thirst, signaled by hypertension,  may never be identified. 

   If a cell’s thirst is accompanied by an unresolved hunger for oxygen, a pH issue, then your body’s cells have more stress to deal with. If you grasp 10% of the significance of this, you may appreciate the power of body systems balancing as taught in Nutrition-For-Life kits from the Perfect Health Foundation. 

   Another way to think about cellular hunger and thirst is the “power of threes.” Without air we begin to die in three minutes — without water die in three days — witho ...

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