Mainstream Medicine Upside Down?

May 2022

   First, let’s understand how health works. Health works by fresh air, clean water, whole foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals, sunshine, walking, working, habits, sunlight, sleep, mother’s milk for a good start in life, positive relationships, church, purpose, love, truth, faith, prayer, Jesus — things like that. Health and life both work by things made and said by God, Father and Son. All of this gives us foundational preventive health and healing power.

   What do drug companies and mainstream medicine want us to think? They want us to think health works by trips to the drugstore, doctors’ office, hospital — things like that. Of course we need these things for accidents, emergencies, occasional sick care, but they are the “alternative” when foundational healing powers are ignored in the practice of medicine. 

   Meanwhile, medicine calls anything not mainstream “alternative medicine,” including natural wonders of creation made by God for healing purposes. Note that mainstream has truth upside down. What comes from God is foundational – what people make is “alternative.”  This may explain why America spends twice as much on “healthcare” as some countries that are healthier than we are!

   Is truth important? Our “truth,”  whatever it is, contro ...

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