Come Walk With Us (Part 6)

May 2022

   This is only Day 3 and it is the beginning of our lessons in what can go wrong without any warning. Not that things always go wrong because there are blessings that keep us going.

   Today I found a Standard Oil credit card lying at the side of the road. The person who lost it won’t have to worry about us charging gas against his card! We will turn it in at the first Standard Oil Station we find.

   We watched a pair of hawks for a few minutes. Hawks became a welcome and familiar sight. They were with us every day and we got to where we looked for them. 

   All of a sudden we faced our first real danger which caught us totally by surprise. It was our first lesson in paying close attention to what was around us. We tangled with our first dog. A pit bull mutt with a bad attitude. The dog came out from a house along the road and was so close to us before we saw him that I didn’t get a chance to drop the cart so I could try to run him off. The only thing I could try and do was to keep the cart between him and Hadassah. 

   The owner’s son heard the ruckus and came out from the house but he wasn’t any real help in getting the dog under control. That dog had one thing in mind and that was to get to Shiloh. The boy just stood there yelling at his dog. Hadassah was trying to use her walking stick to ...

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