Spiritual Leadership Influence

May 2022

   Today the entire world is going through faithful leadership crisis.  The leadership we see today in our world has destructive, instead of constructive influence.  We can see this crisis in Russia and Ukrainian war today.  In my own country I witness that we as a nation are going through a crisis of a faithful leadership whose influence is destructive instead of constructive.  Unfortunately, what we see in our churches today is we are in a crisis of spiritual leadership and that the Church needs to build people in Christ’s likeness.

   Today there are so many churches and so many leaders in the churches, but where are people going, or who are they following? Are they intentional or unintentional leaders? Are churches healthy?  Is my church healthy or weak, sick, dying?

   Leadership is not easy; when a sports team loses a match, the owner fires the head coach.  When a company has a loss, the board of directors fires the manager. When a church does not grow, the pastor (leaders) is often responsible.  Pastors and elders must be spiritual physicians, who can challenge false teachings and teachers and protect their flocks, counsel, encourage etc.
   From 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12, we see five secrets to be a Spiritual Leadership Influence.  One is to be bold in ministry ( ...

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