‘People-Pleasers’ Or Christian Soldiers?

May 2022

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   God’s wrath is upon us. I am fed up and have a conviction to speak up for I will be held accountable on judgment day. I do NOT care if you agree or don’t agree but people need to share this and get their heads out of the sand. WE need to wake up our nation.

   This is for all of us — especially union teachers, pastors, and parents.  Do you know school packets now have websites that show children Porn sites? Woe to those who call good evil and evil good. Shame on those who are NOT speaking the truth about Christianity, politics (yes; they do go hand in hand) and who are destroying our KIDS. It is not about Republicans or Democrats but about the Luciferians running every institution — and pastors, especially, but also teachers and parents are not saying anything because of cowardice.

   Not only are our schools showing children porn sites; they show YOUR children sex plays, sex positions and where to buy sex toys. Schools are also becoming part of child trafficking.  Wake Up!  Critical Race Theory is also being taught, but  we are all “colored” people.  I am “off-white.” Racism is just another part of the agenda to divide us. I have Native Americans who are my brothers and sisters.  Some of my best friends are black, brown, olive and white. If you buy ...

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