‘People-Pleasers’ Or Christian Soldiers?

Complimentary Story
May 2022

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   God’s wrath is upon us. I am fed up and have a conviction to speak up for I will be held accountable on judgment day. I do NOT care if you agree or don’t agree but people need to share this and get their heads out of the sand. WE need to wake up our nation.

   This is for all of us — especially union teachers, pastors, and parents.  Do you know school packets now have websites that show children Porn sites? Woe to those who call good evil and evil good. Shame on those who are NOT speaking the truth about Christianity, politics (yes; they do go hand in hand) and who are destroying our KIDS. It is not about Republicans or Democrats but about the Luciferians running every institution — and pastors, especially, but also teachers and parents are not saying anything because of cowardice.

   Not only are our schools showing children porn sites; they show YOUR children sex plays, sex positions and where to buy sex toys. Schools are also becoming part of child trafficking.  Wake Up!  Critical Race Theory is also being taught, but  we are all “colored” people.  I am “off-white.” Racism is just another part of the agenda to divide us. I have Native Americans who are my brothers and sisters.  Some of my best friends are black, brown, olive and white. If you buy into the nonsense of “CRT,” YOU are the one who is racist!

   We also have a ‘pandemic’ of false churches.  Pastors need to sit on the pews and let someone else speak — if they contrinue to refuse to speak the truth regarding the most vital issues we’re facing today.  When are pastors going to speak on war, spiritual darkness, our Luciferian government (who are literally eating our children alive), abortion, child trafficking, socialism, etc.?  The pastors are keeping silent while darkness takes over our children, our world. Our government is funding everything EVIL and the pastors remain silent. Their excuse is: “we might offend someone.”  Then OFFEND!  Jesus did. God’s wrath is upon us. WE need to start flipping tables. We need to offend and wake this nation up!  The Gospel is powerless if you are ashamed of the it. 

   We are supposed to be the salt of the earth, NOT sugar. Churches need to get rid of bad fruit and start over brick by brick. Churches want to build buildings instead of expanding God’s Kingdom.  Jesus will soon flip their tables. PASTORS: When are you going to speak ALL the truth? When are you going to put your Armor of God on and start fighting this battle? When are you going to offend somebody? Money, the root of all evil, talks more to pastors and teachers than the Holy Spirit. 

   Look around your church;  see the lost sheep you speak to every week and continue to NOT feed.  You are leaving these people empty inside. I was with all the churches. They are great about “love, love love.” BUT what about hate?  Proverbs 6:16-19.  “There are seven things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to Him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.”

   I am a “hater” and it is a righteous hate. I am supposed to hate what GOD hates. Pastors sugar-coat their messages so as NOT to offend. For them, it is ok if our children are kidnapped and “groomed” by sexual predators.  Pastors NEED to speak up. Pastors need to get on fire with the truth; the whole truth. Folks may sit little straighter in their pew if they did. The people are DESPERATE to hear the truth and receive guidance from their PASTORS!  They need to hear about children getting murdered  (yes, murdered) at abortion clinics, transgenderism, homosexuality, marriage between one man and one woman), the scamdemic pandemic agenda to depopulate our world with that “vaccine” which also changes God’s image on our DNA. WE are made in GOD’s image; why would you want to destroy that? You either trust Government (Luciferian-run) or God. You can’t follow God and Satan both. You can not love God and Money. It is impossible. And yes, we ARE to judge, because God tells us to do so in the Bible. I do judge; a righteous judgment. Let me show you where God tell us:

• Matthew 7:1-6 — Jesus teaches us how to judge 

• John 7:24 — Jesus commands us to judge 

• 1 Corinthians 2:15-16 — Judging is the character of being spiritual 

• 1 Corinthians 5:12-13 — We are to judge this in the Church 

• 1 Corinthians 6:5 — We are to judge matters between brothers 

• 1 Corinthians 14:29 — We are to judge preaching 

• 2 Corinthians 11:4 — We are to judge doctrine and teaching 

• 1 John 2:18-20 — We are to judge false Christians 

• Ephesians 5:11 — We’re to judge the deeds and workers of darkness 

• Matthew 7:15-16 — We are to judge false teachers 

• 1 Corinthians 6:2 — One day the Christians will judge the World

   We are appealing the LORD of Heaven for: 

• A judgment against the Supreme Court with regard to the forced speculation of America. 

• A judgment against those who are trying to turn America into a socialist nation. 

• A judgment against Supreme Court for allowing the genocide of the unborn. 

• A judgment against the lies of the corporate media. 

• A judgment against those in Local and Federal Government who seek to suppress our God-Given Rights. 

• A judgment against those in America who seek to use the legal system to persecute Christians. 

• A judgment against the evils of Hollywood. 

• A judgment against the pornography industry. 

• A judgement against the GODLESS education system. 

• A judgment against those guilty of human/sex trafficking. 

• A judgment against government corruption. 

• A judgment against lukewarm churches. 

• The restoration of traditional marriage. 

• The complete restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

   PRAYER:  “Vindicate us LORD, and plead our cause against an ungodly nation. Get justice for us from our adversaries. Deliver us from deceitful and unjust men. Cause them to fall into the pit that they have dug for the righteous. Grant to your servants that we may speak your WORD with all boldness. Give us the nations for our inheritance, and the ends of the earth for our possessions. In the name and blood of our precious Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ I pray. AMEN.”  (Thank you Dr. John Diamond for this “Appeal to Heaven.”) 

   I have a righteous anger against these demonic things that are going on in our country and this world. I am mad and fed up with these people; may burning coals fall on their heads. People are accepting the Luciferian agenda instead of God’s agenda. Do NOT tell me you are “for God” if you support or even vote for this demonic junk. You are not fooling God. Show me in the Bible where it says where we are to accept this garbage.  You are either for God or for Satan. That includes pastors, teachers, parents, everyone… 

   I have disconnected myself from family and friends.  I have a new family with “PASS the SALT” ministries. (CoachDaveLive.com). They speak TRUTH; know the Truth and I trust them to stand with them, behind them, in front of them and side by side with them — because they DO something that is called ACTION!

   Look what Fauci did to our country with this FAKE SCAMDEMIC. People are so stupid for following one highly-compromised, highly-paid “doctor” who is actively engaged in implenting a New World Order.  Satan has lied to so many; the “jab” is meant to kill (MURDER); depopulate the world and to change the DNA of God’s image because Satan wants control; he wants to be god.  Are you so arrogant and ignorant that you say you are a Christian but you are willing to destroy GOD’S image?

   Our election was stolen by Satan (communist/democrat agenda) and that’s ok? Their fraud has been exposed over and over again, yet there is no justice.  Still, God is winning. Jesus won when he died on Calvary; was buried and rose the third day; He defeated Satan and now what a glorious day it will be when God totally destroys Satan and all those who follow and support these demonic ways. We HAVE WON… Until that day of destruction; I will tell the truth, I will put my Armor of God on and take action.

   So are we going to keep accepting darkness so we don’t offend anyone? I personally do not want sugar-coated people when things go bad by my side. I want Born-again Christians who put on their Armor of God (strong and courageous; are not afraid) and are always ready for battle. An army of warriors.  Pastors — why are you CHOOSING to be people-pleasers instead of Christian soldiers?  You are dragging your “sheep” into the pit of hell by your silence.

   I will be held accountable for not speaking up about this issues on Judgment Day and so will you.  When are you going to speak up against darkness and then take action? WHEN?  Will you EVER?

  “My people are destroyed for the LACK of KNOWLEDGE.”  “So because you are lukewarm..neither hot or cold, I am about to VOMIT you out of My mouth.” Pastors: when are you going to stand up for Jesus instead of working as Satan’s “front man?” The problems we face today are not political issues; they are spiritual and moral issues and our pastors continue to remain silent on all of them. This is spiritual warfare.  Pastors need to lead the attack. Pastors need to go to battle, and educate and then lead their people into battle as well.  “Greater is he who is in Me than in the world.”

-Betty Perkins, St. Clairesville, OH

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