'Pride' Takes Over A Nation

June 2022

   We’ve entered a month in which schools, businesses, sports teams, the military, and government are making an all-out effort to celebrate the very thing which God calls an abomination.  

   Here’s a small sample of what is currently taking place in schools:

• Some 8th grade students in Kiel, Wisconsin have been charged with sexual harassment for not using “proper pronouns.”  

• The Madison School District put in place policies which allowed students to have a different gender identity at school without consent or knowledge of the parents.  School employees were to hide this information from parents.

• A lawsuit is advancing against the Kettle Moraine School District which allows students to change their names, their gender pronouns, and more without parental consent.

• The Biden Administration is attempting to force K-12 schools to allow boys who desire to identify as girls into girls’ private areas (restrooms, locker rooms, showers, overnight accommodations) in order to obtain federal funds for school lunches, breakfasts, etc.  What a message:  “surrender your values or be denied food.”

• In Maine, kindergartners were provided definitions of LGBT+.  Children were taught the “T” is for “transgender” and de ...

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