The Rapture -- Uh Oh!

June  2022

   As a leader in the Body of Christ, my general hope is that believers can come together under one banner to celebrate what Jesus has accomplished in their lives despite minor differences in Secondary “church” issues.  These Secondary topics – biblical teachings that are open to applicational interpretation but unrelated to the foundational doctrines of salvation (Primary) – are intended to help guide believers in executing their faith and structuring church engagement.  Some examples include speaking in tongues, gender roles, or even one’s view of how to date creation.  

   For example, if I attended a church where the senior pastor gave a sermon denying Jesus’ divinity, a teaching for which they expressed no intent to repent – we would not return.  That is a salvation issue (Primary) that would require our division being that such a leader would qualify as a false teacher from whom I must protect my family and warn other believers.  If, however, I attended a church where women were restricted in leadership (1 Timothy 2.12, 1 Corinthians 14.3) based on that fellowship’s view of gender roles (Secondary), then I would question it and express my disagreement with such an interpretation. But, I would not allow it to determine our willful separation as long as the church was sound in its salvation theology.  My desire is ...

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