Who Knew?

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

June 2022

   Who knew... that when “political correctness” came in the door, common sense had to be tossed out the window?

   Who knew...that the mainstream media were magicians? Ever hear them talk about “far left extremists? Some disappearing act, hide them in plain sight as “activists.” 

   Who knew...that bipartisanship must be a one way street, going to the left, and named Democrat? Of course “far left” Bernie is an “independent.”

  Who knew...that people destroying city blocks and police stations were mere “protesters,” while those carrying flags and walking through the capitol like tourists were insurrectionists? Yes, some vandalism did occur, but how a news anchor could keep a straight face saying they “stormed the capitol,” while the video showed them walking between roped off areas? She deserves an award.

   Leading us to: Who knew... that Saturday Night Live’s, comedy skit, “Weekend Update” would become the model for mainstream media “news?”

   Who knew... that the yellow brick road would lead the “Wizard of Oz” characters to Washington D.C.?  The wicked witch of the west to lead congress and the scarecrow into the Oval Office? Th ...

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