Who Knew?

Complimentary Story
Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

June 2022

   Who knew... that when “political correctness” came in the door, common sense had to be tossed out the window?

   Who knew...that the mainstream media were magicians? Ever hear them talk about “far left extremists? Some disappearing act, hide them in plain sight as “activists.” 

   Who knew...that bipartisanship must be a one way street, going to the left, and named Democrat? Of course “far left” Bernie is an “independent.”

  Who knew...that people destroying city blocks and police stations were mere “protesters,” while those carrying flags and walking through the capitol like tourists were insurrectionists? Yes, some vandalism did occur, but how a news anchor could keep a straight face saying they “stormed the capitol,” while the video showed them walking between roped off areas? She deserves an award.

   Leading us to: Who knew... that Saturday Night Live’s, comedy skit, “Weekend Update” would become the model for mainstream media “news?”

   Who knew... that the yellow brick road would lead the “Wizard of Oz” characters to Washington D.C.?  The wicked witch of the west to lead congress and the scarecrow into the Oval Office? The wizard “Doctor Faky” has been there, warming his bureaucratic bottom for more than forty years.

   Again, who knew... that in all that time they couldn’t come up with an effective flu vaccine, but COVID? — one year and “Ta Da!”  Dorothy must have clicked her red slippers, really hard.

   In light of the last comments, consider these quotes from an article in the November 2017 issue of “Smithsonian” magazine;  “... he assumed the directorship of NIAID in 1984, ...” (p.61). “‘Current seasonal flu vaccines are not consistently effective.’ he told the roughly 175 attendees. ‘The measles, mumps and rubella vaccine is 97 percent effective; ... [Flu vaccine] can be as low as 10 percent.’ In the flu season that ended in the spring of 2017, he said, the vaccine had prevented illness in just 42 percent of the people who took it.” (p.55).  I encourage anyone who cares to learn the truth about this “plandemic” to read that article, “How To Stop A Lethal Virus,” by Maryn McKenna. Note the “he” in those quotes is the “Whiz”, Fauci. The companion articles are worth reading as well. In, “Journal Of The Plague Year”, John M. Barry relates how public health officials and the media consistently lied to downplay the 1918 pandemic. “People could believe nothing they were being told, ...” (p.39). Precisely the opposite of the fear mongering “spin” we’ve witnessed these past two years.

   I came upon a hard copy, while going through some of my dad’s old magazines. The cover blurb, “the next pandemic 1918 - 2018, Inside the devastating influenza outbreak 100 years ago - and how scientists are trying to stop it from happening again,” obviously grabbed my attention. Returning to my original theme, 

    Who knew that “Smithsonian” magazine would be spreading “misinformation” about the “plandemic” two years prior? Consider this from p.61, “A vaccine is not just science. It is also regulation, and manufacturing and marketing. In those realms, a universal flu vaccine faces challenges that are entirely separate from the scientific ones.”  Who knew? 

   Well, GOD knows and HE calls us to listen to HIM, not lying politicians, bureaucrats or journalists. Please, take a little time and read through Isaiah 48: “I have declared the former things from the beginning...” v.3, “I have even from the beginning declared it to you...” v.5. “Come near unto Me, hear this; I have not spoken in secret from the beginning; from the time that it was, there was I; and now The Lord YHVH, and HIS Spirit have sent me.” v.16. 

   A lot of people, misguided by the media, have put their “faith” in the bureaucrats, politicians and big Pharma, ridiculing the “unvaxed” as ignorant. Really? Please, read Matthew 9:35 to find out WHO, really can heal, “every sickness and every disease among the people.” Do you know HIM? The truth will set you free, but long before COVID, the same fools have been defaming the Bible as “misinformation.”  If they only knew.

 -Bill Behringer, Winneconne, Wis.

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