Is This How We Honor the Legacy Of Those Before Us?

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Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

June 2022

   While it is customary this time of the year to decorate and honor the graves of fallen heroes who fought to defend our freedoms in this country, we would do well to consider  how far we have fallen as a nation over the last several decades.

   Setting ourselves up to be the captain of our own destiny, we have denied God, defied science and common sense and , consequently, have sunk to an all time low.

   Despite the fact that chromosomes and DNA cannot be changed, that we are all shades of brown and that external features cannot make us competent or skilled for a particular position, we are coerced to assent to the likes of Critical Race Theory, racism and that which goes against nature.  
   Secularly,we have entertained ourselves to death with what is cleverly packaged as “family entertainment.”  Disney made deception more palatable by mixing it with a teaspoon of sugar. That which was considered evil and aberrant to which we would not have opened our doors — such as witches, sorcerers, etc. — we have voraciously streamed in via television and the media.

   Opting for modern “Bible” translations which dilute, delete, add to and change the Word of God, many churches, likewise, have preferred that which is false over the truth. Succumbing to the culture around them as well, they have become little more than venues for mini rock concerts with little to offer to the youth who, in turn, are leaving the church and much less to those who are hungry for the truth.

   Having our senses dulled along with our sensibilities, life has been devalued and only those who are wanted or may be used to advance an agenda or be used as a means to an end matter.

   Those who are alcoholic or violent are deemed to be disabled and diseased while those who are legitimately handicapped and disabled are considered dispensable.

   That we are in dire straits, then, should be of no surprise. We can’t expect God’s face to shine upon us when we have our backs against Him.

   If we want to leave behind a legacy that is of any value to generations to come, it’s time to stand up for truth, push against and put to rest the fallacious ideologies that puff up men and tear down nations.

   Then we will be in a better position to pass on that for which so many of those whom we honor have died.

-Sunny Cornett, Kettering, OH

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