Mainstream Medicine Upside Down? (Part 2)

June  2022
   In the last issue we made the case that what God has made is foundational to human health and wholeness and not “alternative” to anything. We saw that a drug-based medical system is the “alternative medicine.”  To stop the moral and genetic downslide, we must put God back in medicine and restore the sanctity of the mother-infant relationship. Only this ground level correction will stop crazy things like kids shooting each other in schools with few connecting the dots to big mistakes in infant and childhood nutrition and development.  

   THE DAMAGES from almost everyone getting the foundation confused with “alternatives” in medicine are beyond belief and continuing. If consequences weren’t so tragic, upside down medicine would make a bad joke. Besides epidemics of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, other damages are mental issues of depression, suicide, and murder. Body and brain chemistry are inextricably linked. For little ones you can add autism, hyperactivity, rotten teeth, intelligence, and developmental issues. They are all linked to junk foods, junk drinks, chemical toxicity galore, arrogance, ignorance, and human greed.

   It began about 1905 when the “robber oil barons” Carnegie, Rockefeller etc. discovered they could make drugs from fossil fuels and patent them for exclusive sales rights. For love of ...

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