Come Walk With Us (Part 7)

June 2022

   The next few days began to show us a pattern of how God would keep His word about providing for us on our walk. Every time we were in need of something, whether it was food, water, a safe place to camp for the night, cash, or just a quiet place to rest during the day, our needs were met by people that stopped to offer whatever it was we needed.

   We couldn’t find a place to camp the sixth day and we ended up walking 17-1/2 miles before we came across some grain storage bins that would provide us a good place to spend the night. We asked at the farmhouse and the woman there said we could spend the night by the bins. Before we could even get the tent set up she came with a “Care Package” — biscuits with strawberry jam, homemade cake, a Hershey bar, a can of pork and beans, a banana, and a cold Pepsi. We feasted on these goodies along with the ham sandwiches a young man gave us earlier in the day. Once again God proved His faithfulness! Hadassah’s legs are in terrible shape. They are swollen and very red. My right leg, back, and right shoulder are still giving me a lot of trouble.

   We had stayed on secondary roads until now, but the hills were getting too steep to be able to pull the cart up them so we decided we needed to get to a main highway which would be much flatter. It was day 8 and unknown to us, we were about to become somewhat of a n ...

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