A Great Time to Invest in Millstones

   With Joe Biden in the White House, after the most fraudulent election in our nation’s history, America is now in the midst of “building back better.”  How are you liking it so far?  First of all, you should understand that while Biden may be allowed in the White House, he is far from being in charge of anything.  He’s a puppet of the Leftist/Marxist/Communist handlers that placed him there in the first place, to utterly destroy America from within.
   Secondly, there would have been no need to “build back better” if the country had not first been burnt down and destroyed in the years prior to the stolen election, under the guise of COVID, orchestrated “race wars,” and the BLM and ANTIFA riots that went unprosecuted.  Also, understand that “build back better” is simply code for “Communism.”  That’s the ultimate goal, but American sovereignty must be eliminated and America must first be completely destroyed.  Then, a true One World Government can commence under a true New World Order.  A big part of that is killing the American dollar, which is happening now.  They want us all in bread lines, dependent upon the Almighty Government for handouts.  A record number of millions of Americans are being “groomed” to expect handouts now, as “entitleme ...

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