Our Country, Apart From God

   As we continue to endure the tragic consequences in our nation of a country that has rejected God in favor of sin and “self,” the future of America has never been more bleak.  The bad news seems to be never-ending, and it’s blatantly obvious that everything our government officials are doing — and have been doing over the past several years — is designed to further a Leftist/Communist agenda that’s much, much bigger than most of us realize.  To say that those in power do not have the best interests of the country and our citizens in mind as they push their wicked plans forward, would be a most ridiculous understatement.
   The United States is now controlled by the God-hating Left.  Perhaps, in their twisted, demented minds, they think they’re working toward an admirable goal.  Unfortunately, they are demonic — of their father, the devil — and it’s HIS work they’re doing, and his goals they’re working toward, and achieving.
   The current illegitimate occupant of our White House now has the lowest poll numbers of anyone in history.  A recent Gallup Poll showed that only 13% of Americans now approve of Biden’s performance.  Yet the destruction continues.  This is the man who took an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the U ...

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