Bloody Hill

August 2022

  They have lied to us. Our government I am speaking about.

   The government-media complex is one of the most wicked partnerships in the history of this nation.

   Lie. That is all that they do. They have seized the levers of power and all they do is lie to advance their Luciferian agenda.

   They hide the Truth. Censor the Truth. Deny the Truth. Ignore the Truth. Their father is a liar and they are doing his handiwork.

   America is a nation under siege. The enemies are within the gates. They occupy the positions of power throughout every area of this nation. The Media. Education. Entertainment. Medicine. Religion.

   Lies rule the day. The bigger the lie the more convincing it is. “Government would never harm you.” “Science is honest.” “Education is moral.” “Churches are apolitical.” Lies. All lies.

   Churches are bought. Pulpits have been pilfered. Pastors are cowardly. The Bible calls them “ignorant…dumb dogs…afraid to bark…loving to slumber…greedy dogs…”

   I’m sick of it. You should be too.

   But you listen to the boys on TV. They call themselves “conservatives,” yet they hide the truth. They talk about Jan 6 as ...

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