As The Devil Laughs: Mercy Offered To the Unrepentant Is An Insult To Innocence

August 2022

   “There would be no profitable games (Blood money) for the powers that are tolerated to play if the pawns refused to play.” -Psalm 94:16

   Recently, while preaching in Nashville, I had the opportunity to go to a pro-life protest.

   Upon arrival to the stairs of the Tennessee state capitol, I began to listen to some of the things that were being said verbally or by signs (1 John 3:18).

   I noticed some of the signs that were held up by the pro-lifers where the babies were literally dissected, and on the other side, I saw some of the signs that were held up by those who were illegally advocating the death of the innocent (Exodus 20:13), calling for more murder.

   I would hear some pro-lifers praying for mercy when it came to those who were responsible for the deaths of the innocent (Proverbs 6:17). This is NOT scriptural.

   Friends, you do not offer mercy to the unrepentant! Mercy is offered to the repentant, not the proud (James 4:6).
   I recall a true story of a mass murderer in court laughing at the family of the murdered. This murderer declared he would do it all over again if he were free to do so. An extended family member of the murdered came in and offered forgiveness to the killer — who was not repentant. Therefore, you have backwards judgment and why ...

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