A Nation of Children

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   A huge portion of our country, it seems,  has turned into a nation of children. Childish behavior from the top down beginning with our Actor in Chief. Then we go to the illegitimate occupier of the office of vice President Kamala Harris, the original laughing face emoji. Hey, Kamala Harris and Alfred E Newman just might be the ticket for ‘24.

   Once you see this trend, you see it everywhere — from our media personalities to our political leaders to our so-called experts. Just look at the out of control rants, complete with finger pointing, contorted facial expressions of hatred and raised voices coming from the likes of Pelosi, Pocahontas, Schumer Lightfoot, the list goes on and on. The news, it seems, can’t be reported without smirking, mocking and ridiculing the opposing ideology of the newscaster.

   It’s not only those we have put into positions of “leadership,” it involves our daily life. How about a trip to our local friendly Walmart store. Try holding the door open for someone and see how that goes. The list just does not end of things that will trigger immature childish, sometimes violent behavior from grown ups. Probably the most dangerous place to be when adult children express childish behavior is behind the wheel of a car. Have you noticed an uptick in the rudeness displayed by your fellow human ...

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