They Only Come Out At Night

August  2022

   My first sleep paralysis attack occurred one night after I had fallen asleep in my bed. I woke up but it felt like I was still dreaming — I was not. My whole body felt like it was being pushed down into my bed by a strong, invisible force. I could not move, and I could barely breathe. There was an evil presence in the room; I could feel its darkness and I was terrified. After a minute or so, I was released, and I could finally breathe and move a little. I lay there thinking, “What just happened?” 

   During another attack, I woke up to the feeling of being held down, but this time was different than the first time. This time, I felt many hands forcibly holding onto my body, all around the perimeter of my arms and legs and feet, on both sides. I felt something like a band of electricity all around the outside of my body, which was also holding me down, and a current of electricity pulsing around me. There was a seriously strong, tingling, electric feeling on my skin. I tried to move, but I was paralyzed. There was a dark, evil presence in my bedroom. After a couple of minutes, I was released, and I could breathe again. I was terrified. I thought maybe I was going insane. 

   I had many more attacks after these two, but I did not tell anyone for eight months. I finally, through tears, told my husband. I was afraid that he would think I ...

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