Come Walk With Us (Part 8)

August 2022

   This is the 8th article sharing how God provided for us on a 1500 mile cross country walk. I want to back up to the beginning to give a brief explanation of who we are. My wife and I are certainly no one special. When we were married, we had come from difficult places in our lives. We both loved the Lord and had accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior early in life. As many people do, we proceeded to make mistakes and had our lives messed up when it came to living a Christ-centered life. 

   We met and were married. We joke about it today that God looked down on us and thought it would be a good idea for these two to get together and maybe help each other get their lives straightened out. We had  been married for about a year when circumstances came about that put a desire in our minds to start traveling and selling crafts on the road. We walked away from what were, at that time,  fairly secure jobs. We bought a truck to convert into a camper, bought a Sioux style tipi, and started traveling the country selling our crafts. This is when, with God’s help, we started getting our lives back in line with the Christian beliefs that we were raised with. (Proverbs 22:6). We traveled for several years in our truck and then God planted the thought of doing a cross-country walk. We know it was God because we knew how dangerous it could be “out there.”    &nbs ...

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