The Call -- And Our Response

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August 2022

  As you undoubtedly have noticed, there increasingly is a litany of forces that seem Hell-bound to ruin an otherwise perfectly good summer.  And year.  And decade.  While we were sleeping…

   Since you follow Wisconsin Christian News, you’re likely well-informed, but let’s recap.  An illegitimate president – with others pulling the puppet strings – is systematically deconstructing our once-great nation via all available means.  Our formerly venerable military is transmogrifying into a ‘woke’ emasculated caricature of itself. The FDA inexorably pushes a catastrophically poisonous experimental mutagenic injection (wrongly called a ‘vaccine’) upon ever-younger recipients, with tragic consequences.  Our commander-in-chief aggressively provokes a formidable, nuclear-tipped military by “fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian” with increasingly lethal U.S. weapon systems.  The EPA is systematically choking off fossil fuels – America’s lifeblood – shutting down pipelines, coal plants, and refineries, while the Fed aggressively raises rates (twice!) in the face of a recession.  And on, and on.  It’s a perfect storm – and it’s by design.

The Lupus code
   A common trait for us Christians is to project our sanctifying nature onto our enemies.  We have set our compasses to the ‘true North’ – the One Who paid the ultimate price, undeserved, so we could be redeemed – Jesus Christ.  While we understand intellectually that evil exists, and evil people populate the Earth, we subconsciously fall into projecting our developing goodness onto others…to our demise.

   I’ve had a peculiar walk these past eight years with some of the most highly-trained and -skilled people at the tip of the spiritual warfare spear – from Aussie Special Ops specialist Magnum, engaged in highly kinetic spiritual warfare on four continents, to Army Rangers and three-letter agency operatives battling human trafficking, to lovely and brilliant Celeste Solum of, to riding for two years with Russ Dizdar, a global expert on spiritual warfare and satanic ritual abuse.

   One great truth that I’ve gained, and that I exhort you to recognize, is this – there are many, many people who, while they appear like you and me, simply are not; they are ravening wolves (Acts 20); wolves in sheep’s clothing; minions of satan transforming (by appearance, not by nature) into ‘ministers of righteousness’ (2 Corinthians 11).  While the goats of Matthew 25 simply live a decadent, fruitless, vain lifestyle that leads to its rightly bitter end, a shockingly large wolfpack is driven to take as many of us with them as they can, driven by an insatiable appetite for destruction of everything, and everyone, around them.

   Their code is to utterly corrupt not just themselves, but all that is good, right, holy, and innocent.  That means you.  That means your children and grandchildren.  The code they live by – that they strain into, with far greater fervor, I am ashamed to admit, than we possess – is to render all tôhû ve bôhû – without form and void (Genesis 1:2).  

   The stories I have first- and second-hand knowledge of that substantiate this irrefutable fact are many, and are of such a nature that I will not repeat them here, for “it is shameful to even speak” of such evil (Ephesians 5:12).  The wolves’ goal is to bring utter destruction to God’s 

• Inheritance – the children (Psalm 127);

• Elect – we, His spiritual, adopted children (1 John 2,3,5); and

• Creation (Romans 1).

   So, whether it’s satanically-inspired elementary school teachers leading dysphoric, gender-bending talent shows for 3rd graders, or federal-level health administrators lying to our faces that a particular treatment is ‘safe (it’s poison) and effective (only at harming you),’ they all are working toward the same goal – tôhû ve bôhû – without form and void.

The flood, the standard, and our call
   This spring I finished writing “Nehemiah STRONG: Life-Sustaining Essentials for a Season of Trial” (learn more at, a field guide for believers to stand, occupy, and overcome in this season of trial.  As I’ve discussed it with folks, I’ve had two Scriptures rattling around my head that I believe serve as spiritual bookends for us as the final sand grains of this Age of Grace fall through the hourglass.

   The first is, “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall raise up a standard against him (Isaiah 59:19b).”  Consider this: this is a battlefield picture.  This is an image of a righteous, indignant Lord of Hosts – armies! – raising a battle flag.  It’s a call to action, for His faithful followers!

   Consider, too, what the ‘standard’ raised for us here is.  I long ago gave up childish things (for the most part), including believing in coincidences (along with the Easter bunny).  Yes, a standard is a military cohort’s flag and colors, but consider – who is our standard?  It’s the One raised up on a cross, like the brass snake of Moses’ day (John 3), by Whom all who look upon Him shall be saved.  That’s our standard!

   And yet there’s one more piece.  Toward the end of one of the earliest eschatological prophecies, Daniel is describing attributes of him who we now call the antichrist, when he abruptly pivots to add, “…but they that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits (Daniel 11:32b).”  In Hebrew, “Chazaq Asah.”

   Not one, but two men walked on the water of the Sea of Galilee long ago – Jesus, of course, but also Peter (Matthew 14:22-33).  As he began his walk everything was fine – until he focused on the storm and began to sink.  Of course, he had the soundness of mind to call out to Jesus, Who immediately caught him up and rescued him.

   So, let us refuse to allow the howling tempest to distract us from our Standard!  Let us have the discernment to recognize this present evil (1 Chronicles 12:32).  Let us be bold and driven to stand, occupy, and overcome – knowing that we are surrounded by this “great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12)” and run a determined race – honoring Him Who paid the price, that we might be free.

   How will you answer the call?


John Dyslin, author of NEHEMIAH STRONG,” has been a student of ‘alternative’ history and world events since 2007, and a lifelong student of Scripture and Christian doctrine.  John was turned around in his life by Jesus Christ in 2014, and is a blood-bought chief sinner who strives to do his imperfect best to follow Jesus’ plan for his life.  Now through September 15, you can get a 10% discount off the book using the promo code: “WCN1.”  ONLY available at:

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