The Call -- And Our Response

August 2022

  As you undoubtedly have noticed, there increasingly is a litany of forces that seem Hell-bound to ruin an otherwise perfectly good summer.  And year.  And decade.  While we were sleeping…

   Since you follow Wisconsin Christian News, you’re likely well-informed, but let’s recap.  An illegitimate president – with others pulling the puppet strings – is systematically deconstructing our once-great nation via all available means.  Our formerly venerable military is transmogrifying into a ‘woke’ emasculated caricature of itself. The FDA inexorably pushes a catastrophically poisonous experimental mutagenic injection (wrongly called a ‘vaccine’) upon ever-younger recipients, with tragic consequences.  Our commander-in-chief aggressively provokes a formidable, nuclear-tipped military by “fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian” with increasingly lethal U.S. weapon systems.  The EPA is systematically choking off fossil fuels – America’s lifeblood – shutting down pipelines, coal plants, and refineries, while the Fed aggressively raises rates (twice!) in the face of a recession.  And on, and on.  It’s a perfect storm – and it’s by design.

The Lupus code
   A common trait for us Christians is to project our sanctifying na ...

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