Why MAGA Americans Are Indeed Dangerous

September  2022

   According to the most distrusted and unpopular political organization in American history, democrats responsible for the Nazi-like Biden regime, “MAGA Americans are dangerous extremists” based upon their open agenda to “Make America Great Again.”

   How dare these “extremists” work to “Make America Great Again!” How dare they rise up peacefully in objection to the utter destruction of the USA and confront a global Marxist assault on all things American. How dare they try to return America to that shining city on the hill, the beacon of hope for freedom and liberty for every American Citizen and every human on earth.

   MAGA Americans are “America First” Americans, determined to make America a global leader for good again, so that America can help others to secure freedom, peace, and prosperity all over the world. The “extreme” agenda of these folks is indeed a grave threat…to evil.

The MAGA Priorities

• A moral and ethical society able to elect moral and ethical leaders

• A fundamental regard for human life

• True justice for every Citizen, without any regard for ethnicity, color, gender, or creed

• Peace and tranquility in which to raise our children and grandchildren

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