Prepare Now For the Coming Chaos

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Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

September 2022

   I think I have figured out what is going on with this Ukraine/Russia war.  Yes people are dying and destruction is taking place.  But if you know anything about communists, nazis, or socialists in general, they have no regard for human life.  Countless millions have died for their causes.  The end justifies the means in their demented minds.  The United States and much of the rest of the world is pumping money into Ukraine, which is one of the most corrupt nations on the planet.  Already much of the money and equipment has come up missing.  

   My take on this is, Russia and Ukraine are working together to stage all of this equipment and wealth for the globalists, so that when the time is right, the globalists and their minions are going to hit us in a hundred different ways at once taking down the United States and the West.  In other words, we are paying for our own demise.  All this aid we sent to Ukraine will be used to destroy us.

   Right now, as I write this on August 21, 2022, China has troops in Canada and Mexico, and not shy about saying why they are there.  They are there for the takeover of the United States.  There are foreign troops in Cuba, and Russia has troops in Venezuela.  Illegals are flooding across our borders constantly.  Many are soldiers from all over the world.  They are here for only one purpose.  When they get here the United Nations gives them money to survive and then we taxpayers get to support them.  Countries in Central and South America dump their prison populations at our border.  This saves their countries money and it further destroys our society by having all these criminals free in our society to do whatever their evil hearts desire.

   With this COVID nonsense, many many women have miscarried, funeral homes have reported the volume of their business has greatly increased and life insurance companies have reported they are paying out at an alarming rate.  The military is “woke,” so many of the people who would have defended our nation have been gotten rid of.  Now we have people who will do what is told of them even if this includes killing their own people.  

   The financial situation of this nation is teetering on collapse.  Everything they are doing is not to build it up but to collapse it.  The IRS now has SWAT type troops with much armament.  Many other federal agencies are set up the same.  The shipping and semi trucks are not inspected as well as they used to be.  So those with evil intent are more able to import equipment and materials needed to take down this nation.

   Our electrical power grid is very vulnerable through electromagnetic destruction and hacking.  If the power goes out, chaos will ensue.

   The food factories of our nation have been under attack for months.  Fires and other suspicious acts have been waged against them.

   China and others with evil intent have been purchasing huge tracts of farmland.  Our nation has been destroying poultry flocks for alleged diseases.  Cattlemen are going under because of the high cost of production.  In other words they are planning on using food to control us also.

   Taiwan produces eighty percent of the world’s computer chips and China is ready to take them over.

   Jimmy Carter signed the sovereignty of the Panama Canal over to the Panama nation.  A canal the United States spent countless money and a high toll of human lives to build.  It enabled us to have a Navy capable of using both oceans instead of having separate navys for each ocean.  Critical for our nation’s defense.  Bill Clinton finalized the end of our involvement with Panama.  It should have been made our 51st state; it is that critical for our security.  Now,  China has moved in to fill the void we left.  China, our enemy, will not let us use the canal when war breaks out.  There is much more to say about how vulnerable we are and that there is not much time left.

   My recommendation is that you get your life and house in order.  Money will not do it.  When the “great reset” comes, physical money will be gone, everything will go digital, debit cards etc.  The globalists, at that time, will plunder everything including your 401k, IRA and bank accounts.  Of course this will all be “for your good” because of some great tragedy that has fallen upon us.  Whatever! So don’t trust in money, have food and other basics you will need, start thinking about living without electricity and gasoline, because they will be nonexistent or scarce at best.  Now all these people who are living off of us and have a great distaste for work.  They will be looting and killing to get what we have.  In other words, you have to plan to protect what is yours and your loved ones.  You have to think about a way to keep warm when conventional ways are not available to you.  You need to have a source of water, bottled water won’t last long.  Remember you might not have gasoline so you need a wagon or something to haul your water with containers.  Then you need a way to disinfect it. 

   Most important of all, you need to have your heart and life right with the Lord Jesus Christ.

   On another note, it is easy to pick out a liberal now.  They will often be wearing a mask because they are afraid of dying.  Because this life is all they have, they don’t believe in an after life.  

   Also they will be driving a hybrid, electric or Subaru.  Because they falsely believe they are helping “mother nature.”

   God is going to destroy the surface of the earth through fire.  Maybe He will use the hand of man when we all nuke each other at the same time.

   Like one of Hitler's henchmen said, you repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it.  I know after I spent fifteen years in public education it took years to wash all of that trash out of my brain.  These people deny the Creator with lies that have absolutely no evidence.  When the evidence God presents is just screaming out at you, it is easy to see and it is everywhere.

   I would highly recommend Ken Ham’s Creation Museum and Noah’s Ark exhibit just South of Cincinnati on the Kentucky side.  It will be money well spent.  Also, take some nonbelievers with you.

-Wayne Wiedeman,
Township of Franzen, Marathon County, Wis.

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