Prepare Now For the Coming Chaos

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

September 2022

   I think I have figured out what is going on with this Ukraine/Russia war.  Yes people are dying and destruction is taking place.  But if you know anything about communists, nazis, or socialists in general, they have no regard for human life.  Countless millions have died for their causes.  The end justifies the means in their demented minds.  The United States and much of the rest of the world is pumping money into Ukraine, which is one of the most corrupt nations on the planet.  Already much of the money and equipment has come up missing.  

   My take on this is, Russia and Ukraine are working together to stage all of this equipment and wealth for the globalists, so that when the time is right, the globalists and their minions are going to hit us in a hundred different ways at once taking down the United States and the West.  In other words, we are paying for our own demise.  All this aid we sent to Ukraine will be used to destroy us.

   Right now, as I write this on August 21, 2022, China has troops in Canada and Mexico, and not shy about saying why they are there.  They are there for the takeover of the United States.  There are foreign troops in Cuba, and Russia has troops in Venezuela.  Illegals are flooding across our borders constantly.  Many are so ...

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