It Hurts To See Loved Ones Deceived

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:
September  2022

   There are different groups of people on the Left that support socialism or a form of it. Those that are at the top who will be in control and understand the nature of socialism and the control it exercises over the masses. The next group are those that also understand it but want to be good, obedient, compliant worker bees that will be at a level above the masses carrying out the necessary duties for the government to function. Then there are those that Stalin and also Hitler termed “useful idiots.” They are the ANTIFA type the Black Lives Matter type. They were the brown shirts and black shirts back in the day.

   Then there are those that I feel for and sympathize with. They are those that have been deceived through indoctrination in our educational system through the various forms of media, entertainment, culture and peer groups. They have been deceived intentionally, deceived by design by the plan of “Cultural Marxism.”  I was also deceived by the same deceptive mechanism. I graduated in 1967 and was enamored with the culture of the day. The music appealed to my flesh; so did the scantily clad barefooted hitchhiking females that one would see often along the way. For a young guy smack in the middle of a naturally rebelious age of 17, I looked through the lens of the TV and what was going on and understood abs ...

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