Blessed Are the Meek

September 2022

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5) This is the third beatitude. But who wants to inherit the earth? We want to inherit heaven. This is not talking about our eternal inheritance. It is talking about now. So how is it that the meek inherit the earth?

   Who are the meek? They are people who have discovered the great value of loving others above themselves. They are patient, humble, kind and gentle. These are characteristics that we like to find in the people around us. The meek can easily become a friend.   
   But the proud are just the opposite. They can only think about themselves and they become impatient with those who do not perform just like they want you to. They are not kind, neither are they gentle. And so they have few friends. 

   The meek person is useful wherever he is. He can soon find something to do because so many people need someone to show them kindness. They can easily find a job because they can be taught. The proud person “knows it all” and he is not easy to work with. He continually finds fault with those around him and above him. 

   Can you see how a meek person inherits the earth? He finds acceptance wherever he goes. Are we saying that a meek person always takes second place? Is it only the prou ...

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