This Is What I've Learned... Do Your Best!

September  2022

   Long after we’ve died and gone to Heaven, and our children have followed us there... When our names have been forgotten, and there’s no one left to care. In this soil we’ve toiled, and planted, others will reap the harvest…so do your best!

Do your best
For all who will follow 
Do your best 
Joy is born out of sorrow 
Do your best
Face every struggle 
as a test
And just do your best
Just do your best

And when this day fades 
into history, whether the battles lost or won. We’ll be judged by our actions, and how we’ve overcome, all the trials and tribulations, cursed by some, and others blessed…so do your best!

When you’re feet are held 
to the fire, when you’re bogged down in the mire, wherever duty is required…Be the optimist! ...

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