Days of Noah

September  2022

   “For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah.”  (Matthew 24:37).

   This oft-quoted verse is usually the proof text for all sorts of alt-news, fringe fodder, and conspiratorial musings. In the days of Noah there were Watchers copulating with human women, Nephilim giants being spawned, genetic mutations and experiments, hybrids, occult rituals, the worship of false gods, and every manner of sin, wickedness, evil, and iniquity all throughout the earth. Therefore, it’s all coming back, and this is all our children and grandchildren have to look forward to. Right?  

   I have no doubt that the end of days will carry with it a fair share of eye-popping, jaw-dropping frightening revelations and experiences — especially for those with no fear of God (or common sense). But when Matthew writes of the “days of Noah,” is an “attack of the killer tomatoes” scenario what he had in mind?

   Matthew 24 is a chapter all about perilous times. Or is it? Well, partially — 28 verses of it to be exact. But the chapter doesn’t end at verse 28. Verse 29-31 shifts gears and talks about the glorious return of the Messiah and the gathering of His elect from the four winds. Verses 32-41 is a parabolic section where the comparison is drawn between ...

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