Come Walk With Us (Part 9)

September 2022

   Our first “unhappy” incident happened today. We had been walking for 16 days and God has provided for us just as He had promised. During the years prior to this, that we spent on the road with our truck, we saw first hand how dangerous the road could be. That fact is what made us hesitate so long before we finally decided to follow what God had told us to do and start walking without any real protection. At least our truck provided some semblance of security.  

   We always walk against traffic. A car approached going the same direction we were, so it was on the far side of the highway. We heard the car slowing down and turned to look as it stopped in the middle of the road. The young man behind the wheel said something to us. We both thought we heard him right, but hoping we were wrong.  Both of us asked at the same time, “What did you say?” and he repeated it. What he said was too vulgar to repeat, but he propositioned Hadassah right there on the highway. I very quickly found out that I am not passive. I pulled the club that I carry right behind me on the cart, but before I could even drop the cart the young man took off. We have prayed for him and know that God will deal with his heart.

   When he was gone, I told Hadassah to watch closely because he had been by once before and I expected him to come back. I definitely recognized h ...

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