How Has the Lord Protected You?

September 2022

   “I try not to get in fights so I won’t need protection, and God can go and help someone else who really needs protection,” says Taylor, age 9.

   Avoiding fights will certainly make your life easier, Taylor, but we all need God’s protection for other things.

   Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for a bully, says Tucker, 7: “The Lord has protected me by letting me learn tae kwon do, which means ‘the way of the hand and the foot.’”

   I suppose this could be called the Teddy Roosevelt approach to protection: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

   Trusting the Lord for protection doesn’t mean we leave our doors unlocked or walk into dangerous neighborhoods at night. We live in a fallen world. Trusting God doesn’t mean living naively or foolishly. We should take precautions, but no one can be so careful that he doesn’t need divine protection.

   Often, we need the Lord’s protection from the unknown, says Timothy, 7: “When I was 4 years old, I thought there was a monster under the bed.”

   If we don’t live by faith, the monsters of life in the form of imagined disasters will devour us. For many adults, the monsters have moved from under their beds into their ...

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