As It Was In the Days of Noah

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September  2022

   When Jesus was telling the Apostles about the last days and His return, it is natural that the story generated such interest.

   “Tell us,” they said, “when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?” (Matthew 24:3).

   The end of the age did not mean the end of Earth, and the Apostles were somewhat confused by the talk of Jesus’s return. Would they still be alive at the return; would they actually see it? They may have been surprised that Jesus did not know the answer to their question.
“No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark…”  (Matthew 24:36-38).

   How was it in the days of Noah?

   From the creation of Adam to the birth of Noah took about 1,000 years. One would think, when Adam and Eve were banned from the Garden and had children, they would teach their children about God who created them and all things. Cain murdered Abel because Abel’s sacrifice was accepted by God, but Cain’s offering was not.

   As Cain migrated eastward to the land of Nod, the first generation of the Godless came to be, later described by the Essenes as the children of darkness. 

   “So Cain went out from the Lord’s presence and lived in the land of Nod, east of Eden.”  (Genesis 4:16).

   Apparently, Cain headed east; and God did not go with him, the first of many generations living without the presence of God. So it is not far-fetched that over the next thousand years to the days of Noah, the descendants of Cain would gradually forget God, Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. There might be distant rumors from time-to-time, rumors of some kind of god who was worshipped by the Ancients. It is conceivable that mankind would make up a few gods to worship, made of rock or wood and continue man’s spiral toward a cesspool of amorality. The gods of Satan that man worshiped at the time were the gods of child sacrifice and sexual deviation.

   Is the world there now? Are the populations of the world today similar to the population in Noah’s day? Is there any narcissism going on? Any sacrifice of children? Sexual immorality, if it feels good do it? Orgies and unnatural sex were prevalent and completely normal. Has violence increased?

   Noah was building a boat well inland at the instruction of God, because mankind was spiritually polluted. As Noah and his family worked many hours a day building the Ark, it is only natural that the folk in the area were probably amused. Genesis doesn’t mention that the people mocked Noah, but probably. Probably mocked Noah and God.

   Another incident in the days of Noah was God’s plan to kill every human and animal because of His disgust with His creation. Could this be what Jesus meant by it will be like in the days of Noah; that God is disgusted with the state of mankind?

   Take a look at the weather and the word “unprecedented.” Unprecedented fires in Europe and the United States. Unprecedented drought throughout the world.

UNPRECEDENTED (partial list)
   August 31, 2022, Jackson picked up more than 10 inches of rain from Monday through Thursday of last week, including just over 5 inches last Wednesday alone, meteorologist Chris Dolce said. Residents shared video of dirty brown water coming out of their taps and waited in line for hours to pick up bottled water being handed out at pickup points around the city. Water trucks were also brought in for people to fill containers. In all, 12.75 inches of rain fell in Jackson in August, making it the city’s wettest August on record. By comparison, Jackson averages about 4.7 inches in a typical August.

   September 1, 2022, Accuweather: The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif described the monsoon flooding as “… the worst in the history of Pakistan.”

   August 17, 2022, Climate change driving unprecedented forest fire loss. The study showed that the majority of tree cover loss is occurring in the boreal forests that blanket much of Russia, Canada and Alaska, which are among the largest storers of carbon on Earth.

   July 27, 2022: Severe weather continues to rage in Italy and has been suffering from unprecedented hail.

   July 20, 2022, ABC News: Wildfires continue to rage across Europe, as an unprecedented heat wave and drought conditions threaten efforts to combat flames in some regions. In Greece, 56 forest fires occurred in the last 24 hours.” 

   July 15, 2022, Accuweather: Unprecedented warmth prompts 1st-ever Red Extreme Heat Warning in UK. London could reach a scorching 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while other major cities such as Birmingham and Manchester are forecast to challenge all-time July records.

   June 18, 2022, WEV News: Mysterious, uncommon, rare, unprecedented hailstorm in Italy.

   June 24, 2022, Reuters: World faces unprecedented global hunger crisis, U.N. chief says.

   March 21, 2022: Climate change driving unprecedented forest fire loss. "Forest fires are getting worse worldwide," James McCarthy, research analyst at Global Forest Watch, told AFP.

   January 25, 2022, Mercury News: Athens, Istanbul dig out after unprecedented snow storm. “It was a very difficult night and we faced unprecedented conditions,” Civil Protection and Climate Change Minister Christos Stylianides said.

   December 15, 2021, CNN: Unprecedented heat; unprecedented storms. “This threat appears unprecedented for this region this late in the year.”

   August 18, 2020, CBS: The National Weather Service has been surveying the extensive damage in Iowa from last week’s derecho. They now estimate peak wind gusts of 110-130 mph… They say this was an unprecedented event due to the extent of damage and how long the winds lasted.

   We are living in a country, the United States, founded on Judeo-Christian philosophy. It is a country that, prior to 1963, had a very low divorce rate, a very low unwed-mother rate, a low murder and armed robbery rate, low adultery rate, no unnatural marriages because it was illegal, churches preached the actual Bible and were packed without a rock band. Then the sexual revolution of the ‘60s and ‘70s happened.  How did that work out?

   Many scientists and other scholars tell us that man is causing the severity in climate change, the unprecedentedness… but if it is man, it is our spiritual pollution, not our SUV.

   JL Robb is the author of 12 books, including THE END Series,” a thriller and romance about the Last Days available at or author web site:


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