Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

September  2022

    Excuses.  God gave us Ten Commandments, which we know and can choose to obey or not.  In addition He built in to us that we have to obey is “man has to excuse his actions.”  It first became evident in the garden of Eden, when Adam gave the excuse.  “The woman You gave me made me do it,” followed by Eve, “the serpent made me do it.”  Excuses, excuses.  We’re all guilty.

   I told you before, and I’m going to keep telling you until you remember.  In 1905, five men, in the education field, Jack London was one of them, sat down in a loft of a restaurant in Manhattan and plotted how to turn this nation from a free enterprise system, to socialism.  The why, I can’t answer, but they used a method called gradualism, and it took one hundred years, but they accomplished it, and gradualism worked so well that most people don’t even know it happened.  Social security, ever hear of it?  Franklin Roosevelt brought it about, supposedly to save the few that couldn’t make it.  Now we’re all immersed in it and entitled to it because they took it out of our pay for us to draw on after we reach a certain age.  Ha, ha.  Someone forgot to tell congress.  They used it up and put a government note in that trust fund that ...

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