How ‘Pro-Life’ Opposes God and Protects Abortion

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September 2022

  Last month, I broke down the reasons why and how Satan has VERY EFFECTIVELY used the “pro-life” movement as his instrument, tool and weapon to OPPOSE God, to ATTACK God’s Word, and to protect abortion.

   I pointed out how “pro-life” REDEFINES God’s definition of a “murderer” and an “abomination” to the complete opposite meaning of being nothing more than a “victim.”  Think about the HUGE IMPACT this has on those who profess to be Christians, just in how they respond to this Holocaust.

   But, to expand on the catastrophic consequences of just changing these couple words and redefining them from the most wicked type of individual we have in society, one who would take the life of another human being, and reducing it to ABSOLUTELY NO ACCOUNTABILITY, but swinging to the opposite pendulum by calling them a “victim,” which actually does the OPPOSITE of what God wants, which is “accountability” and “justice” and has, not only diverted the attention from the true victim, the innocent child, but has put it on the murderer AND... focused on providing nurturing, empathy and love to the murderer!  And, often times, the “pro-life” leaders will not even mention the child but focus entirely on the murderer. If this is not a text book example of, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20), what is?

   But, listen to what else Satan attacks in God’s Word. Simply by changing the definition of “murderer” from one who should be put to death (accountable!) to being a “victim,” deserving of only nurturing, empathy and love, he has REMOVED the definitions or the need for “justice” and God’s judgement! 

   Can you think of a more effective way for Satan to attack God’s Word and our families?  For example, if we were to REMOVE all the Scripture verses that address MURDER, JUSTICE AND JUDGEMENT, what is left? This is, in essence, RE-WRITING God’s Word and RE-DEFINING WHO God is!

   On top of that, Satan has REDEFINED the word, “mercy.”

   You cannot provide “mercy” without “justice.” Mercy comes AFTER justice, just as the Gospel comes after the Law. If you remove the Law, the Gospel loses its magnificence! And, just as removing the Law from the Gospel, removing justice from mercy, removes the power of mercy!

   These are powerful, significant words that God uses throughout His Word. And to redefine or dilute ANY OF THEM, is a monumental attack on God’s Word, to the kingdom of God, to Jesus Christ and the very Gospel and to the “least of these,” our “neighbors,”  who continue to be literally tortured to death, by the THOUSANDS, DAILY, without as much as a whisper from the great majority who profess to be Christians or the leaders in most of the “church” buildings, that are leading them.

   And, if this is your leadership, understand what Dr. Steve Lawson stated, “A congregation will not rise above its pulpit.”

   As Jesus warned, when He called the professing Christians, “Goats,” right before He threw them into the “Lake of Fire,” “Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the ‘least of these,’ you did not do for Me.” (Matthew 25:45).

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