Secular Humanism: A Clear and Present Danger

September 2022

   Have you ever noticed how today’s God-hating truth deniers always accuse others of doing exactly what it is they are doing? One needs look no further than former VP Joe Biden’s “hate” speech in early September of 2022.  He talked about a segment of Americans who he insists are seeking to destroy this nation, dividing it to the point where “equality and democracy (are) under assault.”  Millions of Americans are “determined to take this country backwards while fanning the flames of political violence” according to comrade Biden.   This coming from a politician who ran on bringing unity to our fruited plains and who’s scorched earth agenda is destroying America - at least the parts not already promised to China.
   This Uniter in Chief further stated that there are millions of Americans who “do not respect the constitution and do not believe in the rule of law.”    And in all of this he is absolutely correct but the devil is in the detail as well as in his Demon-cratic party’s communists/god hating agenda. In my lifetime I have never seen such a supernatural threat to divide and destroy this great nation.  A blizzard of unrighteousness generated from the bowels of hell and carried out by the sons and daughters of Satan himself with Demon Joe leading the way.
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