This Is Our Time

   Sometimes I think, I wish I’d been born in a different time, so I wouldn’t have to face all the twisted perversion and lies that make up the world we all live in today.  Sometimes I think it would be so much nicer to have lived and died before the time of sodomite “pride,” before sodomite so-called “marriage,” before the purposeful indoctrination and grooming of young children into “transgenderism” -- and pedophilia was “normalized.” Before New World Order Globalist rulers had brainwashed so many of our population with lies about climate change, before the killing of innocent babies was seen as a perfectly acceptable method of “birth control,” and a solution to “inconvenience.”  Before the United States had opened the flood gates at our southern border and invited hordes of non-citizens to feast on the fruits of our labor, before our country lost its patriotic identity and fully embraced Communism. 
   I understand that all generations, as they get older, look back on the past and long for the “good old days.”  Even though they probably weren’t all that great.  If you look at the big picture, every generation has had it’s challenges to confront and overcome.  Some fared better than others.  My concern is that I don’t think Americans today are up to the task at hand.  I think ...

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