Are the Mid Terms the Cure?

October 2022

   Are Mid-Terms the Cure for Coddling Criminals, Cutting Up Gender Confused Kids, and a Failing and Disgraceful Presidency?
      We hope so!

      But if we take the right and privilege to vote seriously, we will not have to trust in hope.

Scenes that are hard to forget
   In the last nearly two years we have witnessed horrendous and disturbing scenes both at home and around the globe. Many of them, are a result of a democratic president and congress that has a socialistic or liberal agenda, which is bringing America to its knees — but not in prayer.

   We started with scenes of soldiers and U.S. military personnel scrambling to board the C-17 cargo aircraft leaving Kabul.  Children were thrown over fences and walls by their parents and some adults died falling to the ground when the C-17 aircraft took to the air. Next, came scenes of military vehicles and equipment the U.S. left behind for our enemies.

   It made our last days in Vietnam look like nothing and the sheer shame and disgrace will haunt us for years to come.

   Today, it is reported that up to 37% of the military personnel that witnessed the ugly withdrawal, have contemplated, attempted, or committed suicide due to feelings of futilit ...

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