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How Grace Schara's death led her family to discover worldwide genocide...

October  2022

   Grace died on October 13, 2021 at Ascension St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Grace was our beautiful 19-year-old young daughter with Down Syndrome.  She had a zest for life.  She had a love for the Lord that was the most genuine I’ve ever seen.  She made everyone feel special, from her heart.  She called me “Earthly Dad” and was my best buddy.  She called Cindy, her mom, “Earthly Mom” and was her best friend.  We’ve never missed someone like we miss Grace; what we are experiencing, without Grace, is indescribable.  As you read this message, I believe you’ll come to the conclusion we’ve come to…God allowed Grace’s life to be sacrificed for all those willing to hear. 

   The story of Grace’s death is well documented on her website,  Three news services have done a great job at documenting the story so the reader can get the background quickly. (Please see Wisconsin Christian News:; EPOCH Times:;   and UncoverDC:  I’m sharing this background because the purpose of this article is to share where God has led my research and what has been discovered.

   On the night of Grace’s death, we knew something terribly wrong happened.  Why?  Because a nurse who walked Cindy out of the hospital said to her, “Me and several other nurses don’t believe Grace should have died today.”  On November 8, we knew Grace was killed.  We, with the help of a doctor, had reviewed her records and documented the med combination used that would have taken out anyone.  We requested a meeting with the hospital CEO, and the doctor, and shared all of our research with the request, hoping they would repent and want to change their methods based on our discoveries.  On December 2, the hospital denied our meeting request, and the research intensified.

   In December, we drilled down the med combination that killed Grace.  During this time, the doctor who helped us review the records changed her mind regarding intent.  Based on the initial review of the medical charts, she had originally believed Grace was losing the battle with COVID.  As part of the detailed review, we overlayed our experience with the records.  By way of background, Grace had an advocate in the room,  other than for 44 hours when we had to have an attorney negotiate her rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  I was the original advocate, and our daughter, Jessica, was the replacement advocate after I was removed by an armed guard.  The charts were inconsistent with both of our experiences while in the room.  In fact, it wasn’t until the ICU nurse gave Grace morphine that she verbalized “they did everything they could for your sister.”  After the doctor and I invested over a hundred hours on the medication records and Grace’s last day timeline, she wrote, “Each of these meds (Precedex, Lorazepam, and Morphine), on their own, have an increased risk of serious or life-threatening breathing problems and cardiac arrest, and there’s an additive effect when used in combination. To use them like they did in a person with a diagnosis of acute respiratory distress is beyond believable as to intention.

   In early January, Jan Markell had a program that sparked thoughts of an evil agenda.  By mid-January, I had read Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet’s research regarding allocation of medical care.  Still in January, I came across UK Attorney Clare Wills-Harrison’s exposure of state-sanctioned DNR (“D0 Not Resuscitate”) orders and end-of-life meds used on the elderly in the UK.  At that point, I wrote a narrative on Grace’s website stating:   “As the U.S. population gets wise to Remdesivir, combined with staffing concerns related to doctors and nurses leaving because of refusing to take the jab and ethical concerns, the medical system will turn to drugs normally used for palliative (end of life) care as the primary tool to accomplish the agenda.”  

   Also in early January, God had me focus on the payouts involved with the government paying hospitals bonus money for following dictated protocols that kill patients.  This research led me to discover the immunity of liability under the PREP Act.   I concluded:  “government bonuses, combined with an immunity from liability, in conjunction with the shroud of secrecy from the literal prevention of loved ones from staying with the patient in the hospital creates a temptation only Godly men could resist.”

   I now turned my attention to the illegal DNR order put on Grace by the doctor.  The med combination was so alarming that it took an attorney’s perspective to have me change focus to the DNR. The research showed this situation was more egregious than the med combination.  As already mentioned, state-sanctioned DNRs are already the standard of care in the UK.  We then received a letter that really opened my eyes.  On December 2, I had sent a complaint to the Department of Safety and Professional Services regarding the doctor who ordered the DNR and end-of-life meds on Grace.  In a letter dated January 20, the Department wrote, “Based on the review and evaluation of the complaint and other materials, a decision has been made that the information presented does not warrant further investigation.”  This was the first time I realized the system is totally corrupt; the government is using money to have the hospitals accomplish their agenda and is therefore obligated to give the doctor a pass.

   What is the agenda?  Let’s start with the excuse to implement one part of the agenda and build the case.  After I reviewed the doctor reports for a second and third time in February, I saw the reports mentioned Grace had Down Syndrome 36 times, she was unvaccinated six times, she/family was Christian three times, and that we were following the “Frontline Doctors misinformation campaign” four times.  These facts opened up the idea, in March, that Grace’s death could be related to genocide.  Additional research led to this being a real possibility in April.  As part of the research done in April, I found the 2021 Annual Report of the Boards of Trustees of the Federal Hospital Insurance and Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Funds, dated August 31, 2021, concluded: “The financial projections in this report indicate a need for substantial changes to address Medicare’s financial challenges.”  In Nazi Germany, one of the main reasons Hitler was able to implement his agenda was the cost of reparations from WWI.  In the U.S., 39% of the federal budget are for direct expenses related to the elderly and disabled.

   In April, Cindy and I also learned important details related to the steps necessary to give Grace the med combination that killed her and received the medical records showing the exact time the doctor ordered the illegal DNR.  These items were finally enough for me to believe Grace’s death was premeditated murder – the claim many made from the beginning.  This conclusion provided a deeper motivation to dig into the real agenda.  The state-sanctioned standard of care in the UK, using end-of-life meds and doctor ordered DNRs, was already here – in the U.S.  Why?

   Next, God led me to see the beliefs behind Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 – the “Sustainability Agenda.”  These documents are the result of a world without God – man has to control the climate and the population.  God said, “be fruitful and multiply” and I’m not aware that He sent an amendment.  Satan’s plan has always been to have man rely on himself.  Satan knows that God wins so his goal is to steal souls, while he still can, which is what relying on yourself allows.  Without God, the logical solution to sustain the planet is climate and population control.  COVID was engineered to introduce direct population control methods that have been worked on for decades.

   The veil is being lifted — the statistical results show being elderly, or disabled, is risky — unbelievably, these groups (not comorbidities) are the number one and two causes of death in COVID hospitals.  The impact of the jab includes death, strokes and sterilization.  This was their goal, to use the virus they created in this way, and it is just the beginning.  Hitler called the gas chambers the “final solution” for the Jewish problem.  Bill Gates called the vaccine the “final solution” for the population problem.  Why do I say they have been working on this for decades?  The U.S. began sterilization of the “useless” in 1907 – the Nazi’s adopted this method!  The Milgram Obedience Experiment shows what mankind is capable of without God.  The banality of evil is all around us.  Doctors have encouraged people to abort disabled children for decades.  The elderly are put into nursing homes instead of being taking care of by their children for decades.  Critical thinking has been trained out of the school system.  In a world without God, what we are seeing is the expected consequence.  

   In June, we invested substantial time on the comparison of the WWII Holocaust to the COVID Holocaust and have the research posted under ‘The Holocaust Connection’ on Grace’s website (  In the process, Vera Sharav’s research came to our attention.  She is a Holocaust survivor.  Vera has teamed up with us to warn people that time is urgent.  You can see Vera and my interview with Rob Pue here:  Vera emphasizes several significant comparisons and observations during her keynote speech, during the commemorative 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code on August 20 in Germany (paraphrased):

   “A belief in eugenics, the elite ideology at the root of all genocide, was behind the atrocity.  Eugenicists justify inequality and discrimination to sustain mankind.  The Holocaust began with nine years of incremental restrictions on freedom and civil rights.  Fear and hate propaganda were embraced by the government and media.  The first victims were the disabled and mentally ill in the T4 program  ( because they were ‘worthless eaters.’   Hospitals were turned into killing centers.  During that time, the goal was to develop high speed, maximum efficiency ways to kill the Jews, who were labeled as the spreaders of disease.  In 1933 a state of emergency, like that in 2020, swept away rights.  Today, unvaccinated segments of the population are the ‘disease spreaders.’  Today, the elderly and disabled are treated differently and subjected to mass murder in hospitals and the media continue to broadcast a single, government-dictated narrative.  Then, objectors were sent to concentration camps.  Today, doctors and scientists who tell the truth lose their licenses and have their reputations trashed.  

   “The current elitists deny the existence of the human soul.  They want to obtain control of the natural and financial resources and replace humans with transhumanism robots.  The new eugenics is paving the road for another Holocaust.   This time instead of Zyklon B gas, the weapons of mass destruction are genetically engineered injectable bioweapons masquerading as vaccines.   Their current objectives are to depopulate the world, overthrow western civilization, establish a one world government, eliminate cash to create a one world currency, and insert digital IDs and AI capabilities into every human being. If these objectives become a reality, we will be digitally surveilled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

   We are in a spiritual battle.  Ephesians 6:12 states, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  The elites are possessed and are in darkness.  They are acting on beliefs orchestrated by Satan.  Our tools are the Gospel, forgiveness, becoming educated, resistance through lack of participation, preparing our hearts, using our one talent, shedding God’s light on evil, and resting on the finished work of Jesus. We also need to be prepared for what’s coming.  Specifically, the fear and chaos created by Satan’s minions will be the result with those same minions providing an attractive alternative. Remember that security and comfort are the idols of the modern church — don’t fall trap as the agenda proceeds into further darkness masquerading as light.

   In closing, from the beginning, we knew Grace’s situation was unique:  she had Down Syndrome; we were in the room, as advocates, which is extremely rare; I was taken out by an armed guard; we had to negotiate for advocacy after my removal; Grace was never put on a ventilator and never had Remdesivir; she was given end-of-life meds, with an illegal DNR.  We now have over 50 documented miracles of God opening doors for us relative to Grace’s case!  With all the accumulated research, I have come to believe Grace’s death was not an anomaly and her situation was the first death in which a hospital was caught. We believe God is sovereign and He uses evil for good, to save many people (Genesis 50:20).  We believe Grace’s story is being used to wake many people up. 

   We continue to share her story to warn everyone that the methods used to kill Grace will become the state-sanctioned standard of care in the U.S., as part of the agenda.  The U.S. is still paying bonuses to hospitals to implement protocols that kill, because President Biden extended the Public Health Emergency on July 15.  He announced the pandemic was over on September 19.  The week ending September 20, U.S. hospitals had 28,833 new COVID Admissions: ( On October 5, 1,085 souls were murdered in U.S. hospitals: (

   Most importantly, we hope Grace’s story will be used as a step to remove blindness of the unbeliever and a club to the believer to wake up to the urgency of the Gospel message.  What did Jesus say to the servant who did nothing with his one talent?  We all have a part to play while on this Earth.  Time is short and the message is urgent.  History repeats itself because man doesn’t want to rely on God.  The days of Noah are upon us once again.

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