The Bizarre Circus-Trial of the Wisconsin Christmas Parade Murderer

October 2022
   The trial is underway in Wisconsin for Darrell E. Brooks, who is charged with “six counts of intentional homicide with the use of a dangerous weapon (his SUV), and more than 60 counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety and six counts of fatal hit and run, according to an amended complaint.”   The trial format is allowing Brooks to be his own attorney, which means he can question witnesses, offer objections, request grounds for overruling of objections, and interact directly with the judge.  The judge, Jennifer Dorow, is beautiful, poised, and patient in her explanations to Brooks and in her overall conduct of the proceedings.

   In our time, high-profile cases involving black defendants put a special burden on our court system, as there are many who assume that our courts are overwhelmed by bias against black defendants so that a fair trial is almost impossible.  The judge’s patience and goodwill notwithstanding, it is clear to this writer that for many commentators as well as citizens, Brooks is not only innocent until proven guilty, but innocent whether proven guilty or not.  No “proof” will meet the standard of viability for justice in our legal system because many on the Left say that our legal principles are inherently biased against people “of color.”  For the Left, we proportionally have so many African-Americans in ja ...

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