Come Walk With Us (Part 10)

October 2022

   During our travels in the truck and now on our walk, we have seen God provide for us and protect us in many ways. This day has been proof positive that God does have His angels watching over us and doing His will in our lives. We seldom totally understand the circumstances that bring about the need of an angel manifesting himself, but we certainly thank God He has them watching over us! And this day has proven to be one of those times.

   The heat and humidity have been oppressive today. We stopped to rest this afternoon under a shade tree at an abandoned farm. We were about a hundred feet off the highway and pretty well out of sight of traffic. I sat watching traffic and considered what we should do about the physical condition we were both in. Hadassah’s legs were very bad. Mine were getting worse and we were both near exhaustion constantly from the heat. As I was sitting there, I saw a State Police car go by and, even though we were not really noticeable from the road, the officer made a point of watching us as he went by. I thought he was going to stop, but he went on. I thought it was strange because out of all the cars I watched go by while we were there,, no one else noticed us sitting under the tree.

   Later in the afternoon, we stopped to rest along the highway at the foot of what looked like one of the biggest hills we had seen. There was no way we coul ...

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