Pandering, Perversion & Pornography in Public Schools

October 2022

   If you were to ask your local school board members/superintendent what they see their role as, what do you think you would hear? Then what would happen if you actually compared their words to what you can verify. “Trust but verify, right?”
   For instance, I recently discovered that in our small Midwestern town here in Ohio, the “woke” assail of common sense has indeed struck our local public school like it has so many others “across the fruited plains.” It seems that in this supposedly conservative community school, officials are knee deep into the religion of secular humanism. Racism, environmentalism, socialism, and most recently today’s main headliner, transgenderism, are front and center when it comes to most all government run schools, or should we refer to these as indoctrination centers?
  Child abuse?
   When it comes to the later sinism = transgenderism (an innocent appearing form of sodomy by the way), we are being told by experts that children are committing suicide and permanently depressed because of their sexual confusion. This is supposedly being compounded by parents and communities who are unwilling to accept these sexual perversions. Shame on us for not understanding and being reluctant to encourage a young prepubescent child to have their breasts removed or be chemically ...

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