The Harvest Depends On Prayers

October 2022

  THE Lord frequently taught His disciples that they must pray, and how; but seldom what to pray. This He left to their sense of need, and the leading of the Spirit. But here we have one thing He expressly enjoins them to remember: in view of the plentiful harvest, and the need of reapers, they must cry to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers. Just as in the parable of the friend at midnight, He would have them understand that prayer is not to be selfish; so here it is the power through which blessing can come to others. The Father is Lord of the harvest; when we pray for the Holy Spirit, we must pray for Him to prepare and send forth laborers for the work.

   Strange, is it not, that He should ask His disciples to pray for this?

   And could He not pray Himself? And would not one prayer of His avail more than a thousand of theirs? And God, the Lord of the harvest, did He not see the need? And would not He, in His own good time, send forth laborers without their prayer? Such questions lead us up to the deepest mysteries of prayer, and its power in the Kingdom of God.

   The answer to such questions will convince us that prayer is indeed a power, on which the in-gathering of the harvest and the coming of the Kingdom do in very truth depend.

   Prayer is no form or show. The Lord Jesus was Himself the truth; everything He ...

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