Save the Children

   I warned you all about this over a year-and-a-half ago.  And I wasn’t the only one.  Thousands of scientists, doctors and researchers, the world over, warned that the “miracle” “warp-speed” COVID 19 shot was going to be deadly.  Issued under an Emergency Use Authorization, the “jab” — or perhaps better named, the “stab,” included no information or disclosure form in the packaging.  NO “informed consent.”  They did include a blank sheet of paper.
   It took independent labs to verify what the “injecticides” contained.  Just a few of the alarming things scientists found include graphene oxide, metallic objects and self-assembling nano-particles.  Of course, mainstream media fact checkers labeled this as fake news and misinformation.  But when thousands of independent scientists and lab analysts are finding the same things in multiple tested batches, the information is hard to refute.
   Earlier this year, major life insurance companies were sounding the alarm that death rates had risen to a 200-year high, starting immediately after the jabs were rolled out, meaning that some died within hours or days of receiving their first dose of the shot.  For others, it took months for death to occur.
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