Ignoring God Does Not Lessen Our Need For Him

November  2022

   Within the Christian faith, we are taught that every person will someday stand before God and have a discussion about how they lived. A few will argue, give excuses, try to justify, and attempt to present their case before the infinite judge and authority of all things. Many scoff and doubt about not being responsible for the way they live, but for the most part, the majority agrees there is coming a day of judgment. You would think with nearly everyone hearing about being held accountable that it would generate more interest in knowing God and what He requires. Sadly, this seems to make people run away even more. 

   When the Scriptures talk about recognizing words and deeds, the association between good and bad trees, and the evidence of fruit, most people are offended at the idea of being judged. They also become easily ruffled when presented with the consideration that nice and sympathetic people are not necessarily sheep of God’s fold. Spiritual discernment is real and one reason for the Holy Spirit is to give us a deeper insight than just our emotions about situations, certain individuals, and especially ourselves. We are not to be ignorant about what is happening around us, but at the same time, there is no way we can know what is in the heart of another person.

   I was asked the other day about what I believe is the difference between a person ...

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