Rapture Question (Part Four)

November  2022

   Author of The Late Great Planet Earth and one of the leading pre-tribulation Rapture “experts” of the 20th century, Hal Lindsey, once wrote, “The truth of the matter is that neither a post, mid, or pre-Tribulationist can point to any single verse that clearly says that the Rapture will occur before, in the middle of, or after the Tribulation.”  And, yet, many of you incessantly divide, criticize, and reprove one another, each claiming to know the truth about the “Rapture.” As expected, some readers have “condemned” me, for my views, since this series began.  

   The notion of an “end-times” Great Tribulation comes from Matthew 24, a chapter that futurist teachers explain is Jesus’ prophetic revelation of distant, forthcoming events that lead to the end of all things.  The world’s most popular Bible translation, the King James, aids this understanding by informing the reader that, here, in the Olivet Discourse, the disciples asked Jesus about “the sign of [His] coming, and of the end of the world” (3).  As such, what follows in Jesus’ response must be describing what people will see when the “end” is approaching: false messiahs (5), natural disasters (7), and a general course of societal depravity (12).  Many Christians believe they a ...

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