Christianity Is Not A Religion

November  2022

   I received a question in an email in which the person wrote: “If Christianity is any good, then why has it failed in defeating and eliminating Islam? To some Muslims, this is a logical question, and they may use this idea as evidence that Islam is a true religion from God. Similarly, the statement given by Muslims all over the world is that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and soon will be the largest religion in the world. Is that true?  Is it because Islam is growing in number and does that mean it is a true religion, or if Christianity is not dominating the world, does that mean it is not the true faith?” 

   (In other words, if the number of people who believe that there is no God is larger than those who believe there is a God, will the belief of the atheists eliminate the existence of God?) 

   First of all, we must say that Christianity is not a religion, but a unique, personal relationship between God and man.  All the beliefs of all the religions of the world are built on the understanding that man CAN save himself. However, Christianity is unique for it is the only spiritual belief which is built on the fact that man CANNOT save himself, but that God saves us through the unique Savior, Whose name is Jesus, who is the Word of God, God Almighty, and Who came in the flesh. Everything about this Savior has a ...

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