Government Eugenics

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

November 2022

   Thanks so much for writing the article “Save the Children” (WCN, From the Publisher, available at​). I appreciate that you reminded the reader how God operates and that we must hold fast to our faith because He does have this.  

   I am a researcher and have been publicly presenting on the UN, Communism and Globalism for a decade, bringing their tentacles through every fiber of our society.  It’s almost inconceivable to witness their planned literal culling but we are. The symptoms you listed “acute kidney injury, damage to reproductive organs, brain stem embolism, brain stem thrombosis, cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, myocarditis, neonatal death, encephalitis, facial paralysis, fetal distress syndrome, damage to the liver, lungs and jugular vein embolism and a never-before-seen fast rise in cancer cases” I can attest to from my own family’s and friends’ personal experiences and stories. 

   Additional tool for culling: Monoclonal Antibodies were pushed through the governors (via NGA- Nat’l. Gov. Assn.) and were a Stage 2/3 trial given EUA. I couldn’t believe people were following those white coats without ...

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