Satan's Use of the Hegelian Dialectic Blurs the Line

Complimentary Story
November  2022

   Life as we know it has changed.  Grace died to open hearts and minds to the truth, including mine. If God is judging the world, that judgment would be deserved.  If this is the case, the genie is out of the bottle, and we can no longer go back — Satan has unleashed his minions to do his work.

   Medical professionals obey protocols they are trained to know are wrong.  The hospitals’ love of money has created killing fields, in many cases targeting the disabled, the elderly, the unvaccinated, and Christians.  Even healthy individuals are being taken out by a weaponized jab.  Governments are corrupt to the core, plying citizenry with lying propaganda.  Evil is everywhere it seems, and many facets of society we thought we could trust and depend on have proven otherwise.  

   The elites brazenly telegraph their next moves and rationalize their egregiously sinful schemes as necessary to sustain the planet.  The problem: they believe in what they are doing instead of believing in God.  A large swath of the population follows this path, either being blissfully ignorant or no longer able to think for themselves because of decades of programming by media and the public fool system.  It is easy to see the dark and evil side of Satan.

   On the opposite side of the evil, we have the patriot movement fighting to restore America, and the medical freedom movement working to expose the corruption and inform patients of their rights.  We have legal hawks working through the courts to try to stop the injustices that have come as a result of evil.  Many see these causes as movements they can support.  This side has been responsible for waking many people up as to what’s happening relative to the Sustainability Agenda.
   Is this “good” side relying on God, or are they falling trap to Satan’s use of the Hegelian Dialectic? Satan operates in darkness and in light, and his light side can appear to be “good,” deceiving many well-meaning people. Rather than seeking and submitting to God’s will, people make the mistake of relying on “good men standing together” to fight against evil. These are not the proper tools to fight a spiritual battle with Satan.  Satan is quite content sponsoring the evil or the “good.”  Why?  Satan cares about winning souls.  For a short video demonstrating a view on this perspective, please watch

   This “good” vs. evil battle fought with man’s strength will always settle somewhere outside of the absolute truth of God’s Word.  God’s way is always outside of this fishbowl of debate.  Satan wants us in the fishbowl, fighting. 

   Below are several examples of items of debate today.  In each case, God’s absolute truth is outside of the Hegelian structure created by Satan.

1). Right to choose vs. right to life [exceptions are carved out].

2). Collectivism vs. individualism says the ‘good of the world’ trumps ‘the good of the individual’ [people are allocated resources based on societal factors].

3). Population control vs. being fruitful and multiplying [Practices leading to premature disease and death; sterilization].

4). Acceptance of gender preference vs. man and woman [Live and let live as each chooses].

   This is a time like no other to be grounded in faith in the one and only true God.  As the current totalitarian state progresses into further darkness, Satan appears to be poised to pull the trick of masquerading as an “angel of light” and provide a “security and comfort” solution that the “good” side will embrace, even take credit for.  If this is the next phase of Satan’s plan, evil will be masked as “good” to secure the souls of all who have not submitted to our Lord.

   An interesting dialectic twist is the weak American Church.  As many as 100,000 pastors have been trained by FEMA to organize their flocks into camps in the event of a government-declared “emergency.”   (Look up ‘Clergy Response Team’).  LGBTQ churches are growing.  The Rockefellers have been funding seminaries for decades.  Pastors refuse to tell the truth as to what is going on because of fear of offending.  The Jewish leaders led the Jews to the concentration camps and now history is repeating itself where we’d least expect it.

   The path of God’s light is truly narrow (Matthew 7:14).  Our role is to warn those, who will hear, of Satan’s tactics and of God’s solution to every problem.  God will never forsake those who believe and put their trust in Him.  We are living in the days of Noah.  Time is urgent.

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